Monday, November 29, 2010

Let's hear it for the men........

I've been changing some of my guys into their winter attire and decided to take new pics of a few of my repainted guys. First up is Qhuinn by the fabulous Sonya Giddens.
Next is Ian, a repainted Jeremy by Tracy Weston.

And last on the sharing list for today, Alger, a repainted Prince by Beautifulfaces. All 3 of these artists paint drop dead gorgeous men. I feel really lucky to have these gorgeous guys in my collection;


  1. Jeremy isn't my favorite sculpt, but I have to say that yours looks so real....he is simply outstanding. You have the best male dolls. I simply adore Alger...he might make me give up Simon as my favorite among your mandolls.

  2. Thanks Rosemary! Tracy paints a hunky mandoll, that's for sure! Alger and Simon are both favorites of mine as well........heck, it's too hard for me to pick a favorite, LOL! You are allowed to have more than one favorite too, LOL!