Thursday, January 20, 2011

Staying Cozy.......

Just one shot today of Beauty and Brains redressed in Ellowyne's "Combating Fatigue". The outfit is a great fit on the Antoinette body. The jewelry is a tad out of scale for my taste, so I have replaced it with different jewelry here, but I love the outfit on her.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Return to Hogwarts

I am SO glad Tonner decided to revisit the Harry Potter line in a scale that is in size with Tyler's world. I love this new size so much better than the original size. The likenesses of the characters are some of his best as well, as they are in the original size. I received Harry and Ron for Christmas and finally got time to take some pics of them, along with McGonagall.
I am very excited to get Dumbledore when he starts shipping and was glad to see Hermione added for 2011. I can only hope that we get Snape, Ginny, the Malfoy's and the rest of the characters in this new size.

Isn't Ron adorable? He might be my favorite.

And a lost shot of the best friends together.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Beauty and Brains.......

I've wanted this doll since she first came out, but I didn't want to spend the asking price and was hoping I would find one on sale eventually. I wasn't sure of her outfit, I mainly wanted the doll. I have always loved the Deanna Denton sculpt, just am not a fan of the full figured body.
When I saw her FS on Bearzabout last week I finally caved. After having her in hand I have to say, I think the outfit will work nicely as mix and match pieces. The boots are really cute and the top and skirt are cute when paired with other pieces as well IMHO. She is wearing an Ellowyne skirt here with her default top, boots and tights. I hope Tonner will use this sculpt on the Antoinette body again, as I think it works well, and gives those of us that don't collect the full figured gals a chance at getting this gorgeous sculpt.