Monday, January 10, 2011

Return to Hogwarts

I am SO glad Tonner decided to revisit the Harry Potter line in a scale that is in size with Tyler's world. I love this new size so much better than the original size. The likenesses of the characters are some of his best as well, as they are in the original size. I received Harry and Ron for Christmas and finally got time to take some pics of them, along with McGonagall.
I am very excited to get Dumbledore when he starts shipping and was glad to see Hermione added for 2011. I can only hope that we get Snape, Ginny, the Malfoy's and the rest of the characters in this new size.

Isn't Ron adorable? He might be my favorite.

And a lost shot of the best friends together.

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  1. Oh, they are terrific, Jackie. I really like Ron. I wonder how he will look with my Alice and Marleys.