Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Homme invasion

 I've always loved the male dolls................and the Hommes are no exception. I had resisted and resisted and resisted, because I "didn't do the 12" size anymore". Well, when I got back into Barbie a bit in the fall of 2011 I started eyeing the Hommes again. Leading Man Lukas spoke to me LOUDLY. I finally caved to his call before Christmas and was not disappointed. I know some don't like his hair, but I do. I love everything about him.
 After I got Lukas I started eyeing the other Hommes. Romaine seemed to still be available everywhere. I think Integrity's promos did him no favors, but I thought there could be a sexy guy lurking underneath the "nerdy" persona Integrity promoted. He arrived shortly after Lukas and proved that he wasn't all "nerd".
I came across this guy in my ebay browsing and put in a bid because the price was low, never thinking I'd actually get him. I was thrilled when he ended at a price I could afford. Rule Breaker Pierre is very intense, but a keeper!