Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I got a chance to see the new wigged Antoinette in the Honey skintone this past weekend at my local doll get together, and it put me in the mood to play with the 2 Antoinette's that already reside with me, Bloom and Sensual. I bought Sensual nude and actually had her up for sale for a while. I"ve decided after playing with her again, that she's staying instead. Oh, and I called and ordered the new Honey wigged doll as well.
I do really love the Antoinette line. The body on these dolls is so beautiful, and their posing ability is really wonderful for a vinyl doll. They remind me of Francie, Barbie's cousin...........................she was always my favorite doll in the Barbie line up as I was growing up.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Back to spotlighting my male repaints, here is one of my first Matt repaints, Mitch by Cristy Stone/Xtremedolls. I bought Mitch from Cristy when she was letting go of most of her Tonner's to concentrate on BJD's. He immediately became my Riley's Dad, and poor guy rarely gets any pics any more without the whole family.
When I got this sweater from Marie Helene, I decided Mitch would be the perfect model for it.

He was more than due for some pictures of his own, and he does look mighty handsome in this sweater, don't ya think?

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oscar night.........

It's Oscar night, so in celebration, a few of my Tonner couples dressed to the nines and took to the red carpet. First up is Jeremy escorting the beautiful Breathless.
Next to take the spotlight is my newest arrival, Ian (Jeremy by Tracy Weston) accompanied by Krista (Brenda by Kristen Ashford).

And last to take the spotlight the gorgeous Anne Hathaway accompanied by Simon Chase.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ian's arrival...........

Just sharing the latest man to join the crew. I sent my UB raven Jeremy to visit Tracy Weston for a makeover. What magic she works on the men................sigh. He's truly gorgeous. The single female resin are thrilled, LOL!
The first thing I thought when I opened the box was that he reminded me a bit of Ian Somerholder (Damien on Vampire Diaries), so I named him Ian.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Paris and Aphro

I know he's not vinyl, but I couldn't resist sharing him here (and she is vinyl, LOL!). He is Jamieshow Paris, and he has become one of my very favorite dolls that I own. He photographs beautifully and he can wear all my Matt clothing (except the shoes are too tight). He poses like a champ as well. A huge thanks to AngelicDreamz for coming up with such a reasonably priced resin fashion BJD. The resin really is gorgeous. It is very luminescent, it reminds me of french resin that way.
I got the version with the painted eyes, but he also comes in a changeable eye version. He is body blushed, and the scruff on his face is very realistic. His body sculpting is also very detailed. I also got a few pairs of the Jamieshow shoes, which are very well made. The only minus I could say is that the wig he came with is a bit too full, and looks kind of girlish IMHO (the girls inherited it). I love him bald though, and he looks great in hats.

All I can say is if you have been on the fence at all about these guys, jump off!! I dont' think you will be disappointed. After having Paris in hand, I'm all about saving to bring his friend Ty home next! I think Paris looks great with the Avantguard dolls as well........................Aphro definetely looks like she approves, don't ya think?