Monday, March 1, 2010

Paris and Aphro

I know he's not vinyl, but I couldn't resist sharing him here (and she is vinyl, LOL!). He is Jamieshow Paris, and he has become one of my very favorite dolls that I own. He photographs beautifully and he can wear all my Matt clothing (except the shoes are too tight). He poses like a champ as well. A huge thanks to AngelicDreamz for coming up with such a reasonably priced resin fashion BJD. The resin really is gorgeous. It is very luminescent, it reminds me of french resin that way.
I got the version with the painted eyes, but he also comes in a changeable eye version. He is body blushed, and the scruff on his face is very realistic. His body sculpting is also very detailed. I also got a few pairs of the Jamieshow shoes, which are very well made. The only minus I could say is that the wig he came with is a bit too full, and looks kind of girlish IMHO (the girls inherited it). I love him bald though, and he looks great in hats.

All I can say is if you have been on the fence at all about these guys, jump off!! I dont' think you will be disappointed. After having Paris in hand, I'm all about saving to bring his friend Ty home next! I think Paris looks great with the Avantguard dolls as well........................Aphro definetely looks like she approves, don't ya think?

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  1. Oh Wow, Jackie!!! He is so Amazing and she is Gorgeous!! They look so well together!
    I always enjoy your beautiful photos!
    Aquabluerose XX