Monday, December 20, 2010

Cami and Simon

Just playing a bit with one of my "younger" couples today. I think Cami and Simon make quite a striking pair.
I always loved Francie almost better than Barbie when I was younger. The Antoinette/Cami line reminds me a lot of the "Francie" line. Maybe that's why I enjoy these dolls so much. I"m hoping to be able to pick up a few more of the separate outfits at the end of the year.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

A beautiful new addition.......

This beautiful lady arrived recently. She's the first repaint I've bought in quite a while, but when I saw her posted FS on LN Harris' site right after I received the gorgeous little Willow in the mail as a gift from a dear friend, I knew I had to have Shye to be Willow's mom.
I couldn't be more pleased with how they look together. They really look related IMHO.

The gorgeous Ian, a repainted Jeremy by Tracy Weston, rounds out the family (for now anyway). I may have to add an additional sibling when the right one comes along.

For now, I think these 3 make a wonderful addition to my group of families.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Getting ready for Christmas

I finally got most of my doll families dressed and ready for their Christmas pictures, so since I had some decent light this morning I thought I would get started on the pictures. This family was my very first Kish/Tonner family. Winter Riley was my very first Kish doll and she's still a favorite. The girls dresses were made by the very talented Janice Mundy.
I thought Alice deserved a picture of her own, since she looks so pretty in her new dress from Janice. I really don't take that many pictures of the girls this size, but Alice is my favorite sculpt in this size range.

Mitch and Tara posing in front of the tree.

And the Riley that started it all, Winter Riley in her Christmas plaid from Janice.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Jacob and Bella..........

Just a couple of pictures of Jacob with Bella. Jacob is the new doll on the block and I was just enjoying a bit of playtime with him. I really wish Tonner would do a long haired version of Jake on the Matt body. I"m not a huge fan of the Superhero body. I dislike how far the arms stick out from the body.
Tonner did do a good job of capturing Taylor Lautner's likeness though, IMHO. In fact, I think the likenesses for most all of the dolls in the Twilight line have been good.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Ellowyne in white

Played with Ellowyne a bit over the weekend. Tatters redressed in "She Wallows in White".
I don't play with my Ellowyne's as much as my other dolls, but I love Tatters..........and I REALLY love the clothing line for Ellowyne.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

The vampire and the werewolf........

I have been waiting to add Jacob to my collection...........hopeing to eventually catch him on sale, so when TOnner had the big black Friday sale, I couldn't resist adding him and Alice too. Keeping fingers crossed that the newest Edward and Bella will go on sale again when my funds replinish a bit.
I'm really pleased with both dolls. I hope Tonner will offer more separate outfits for the Superhero body. It seems the 2 male outfits he offered this year are sold out most everywhere. I"m keeping my fingers crossed that means he will offer more in 2011.

Alice is so pretty..........her wig is wonderful and the outfit is really wonderful as well.