Saturday, November 13, 2010

Appreciating Alex............

Decided to photograph a couple of my MA Alex line dolls this weekend. These 2 are display dolls that never get their clothes changed. I love them too much as is. First up is Music Video Awards Alex wearing the Golden Lotus outfit.
The Alex line has some of the most fabulous fashions ever produced in the fashion doll world, IMHO. Wonderful fabrics, great accessories and cutting edge style.

Velvet Ropes Jadde is one of the most beautiful Jadde dolls produced IMHO.

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  1. What wonderful pics, Jackie. Music Video Awards is probably the doll that I redress the most. I think she is my favorite Alex doll. Cherry Blossom and Velvet Ropes are my two favorite Jaddes. I haven't redressed them yet. Love seeing Alex pics.