Saturday, December 5, 2009

Serafina Pekkala........

A new girl arrived this past week. I had been eyeing Serafina Pekkala from the Golden Compass line, but I'd seen very few pics of her. Well, when Cherished Friends put her on sale last week I took a gamble and ordered her. I'm really glad I did. She has a really lovely sculpt. Her headsize is smaller too, more like the older Tonner molds. Lovely, soft, curls. She's a winner all around IMHO. It's always fun to add a new sculpt. This one is definetely a keeper!


  1. Oh she's Gorgeous!!! What gorgeous and clear photos of her!!
    Thanks, Jackie!!
    Aquabluerose XX

  2. Thanks Gerri! I can't believe we haven't seen more of her. She really is a gorgeous sculpt!