Monday, December 21, 2009


Another Brenda Starr recently joined the fold. I can't help it................when I saw this girl, who had been switched to a BW body on ebay for a good price I just couldn't help but add her to my crew. I love Brenda. I have more factory Brenda's in my collection than any other sculpt. (Even though a majority of them have red hair and blue eyes, and quite a few are even on BA bodies). There is just something about that dimpled face that just really draws me in. I'm really sorry she's no longer being produced. This version of Brenda, called 24K, has gold hair and gold glitter in her eye shadow, making her very different from the rest of my Brenda's.


  1. She is Lovely, Jackie! I Love her in Gold!
    Have a Wonderful Holiday, Jackie!
    Aquabluerose XX

  2. She is gorgeous!! I just love seeing Brenda. I, too, adore her dimples.