Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tyler and Matt

Sharing a couple of my favorite factory dolls from the Wentworth line up today. As many of you know I'm particularly fond of the mandolls. That being said, most of them that come through my door go for a repaint at some point or another. This UB Matt being one of my exceptions. He is one of my very favorite factory dolls, and will remain as he came from the factory. When Tonner announced the plan to revamp Tyler last year I was a little skeptical. I liked the original Tyler mold. Sydney was still my favorite, but I still really liked the original Tyler. When the new sculpt for Tyler was released I liked her, but she's never been Tyler for me. I think they should have just named this mold something else. Now that they have reintroduced the original Tyler mold again, I'm hoping they keep "new" Tyler's sculpt in the line up and rename her something else, as I really do like it a lot. It is actually one of my favorite sculpts Tonner has done, she just doesn't seem like Tyler to me. This UB raven version of "Tyler" is probably my favorite of the dolls using this sculpt so far.

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