Saturday, April 18, 2015

It's been a I was reading through a lot of the blogs I follow, I realized once again, the male dolls seem to get the short stick in dollydom. Since the male dolls are some of the dolls I enjoy most, and I've amassed quite a collection of them over the years I thought I might revamp the blog and focus a bit on the male fashion dolls. Over the past few years I have gone to Flickr for most of my doll postings and the fashion dolls have taken a backseat to the asian BJD's (specifically Iplehouse), but recently Jamieshow has revived my interest in the 16" crowd with their re introductions of Gene and Friends in resin form.  So, when it was announced that Trent was going to join Gene and her friends, of course, I couldn't resist.
When he arrived, I couldn't have been more pleased. Even though I am a self confessed male fashion doll lover...........AD Trent never grabbed me enough to play much with him.  Jamieshow's version, done in resin has inspired lots of play since his arrival. We have been working through the Tonner outfits, trying to see what works and what doesn't. For the most part, pants are a little long in the leg and a little big in the waist, but if a vest or belt can be had, everything I've tried on him has certainly been workable.
One of my favorites of the outfits we have tried is the suit from Tonner's Daniel Craig dolls in the Golden Compass line. Very scholarly.
The vest he is wearing here is from Tonner's Draco Yule Ball doll, paired with other pieces of a Tonner tux. Trent has also opted for the second wig cap that came in his trunk set.
I think Madra definitely approves...........
And lastly for now, sporting the robe and PJ pants from one of Tonner's Basil St. John sets, Trent is ready to settle down with a good script for the night.

Now that Trent has been cast in resin form, I anxiously await what else Jamieshow has in store for him and the rest of the Monolithic gang. I'm really hoping for more wig caps and clothing. I would also love to see another male doll added to the Monolithic gang, of course.

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