Monday, April 20, 2015

Call me Riot............or Ace........

Why can't doll companies introduce a sculpt and then stick with the original name given the sculpt? Integrity drives me crazy with their tendency to rename their sculpts so that they can use them across different lines. I don't really collect the Integrity dolls, with the exception of the Homme's. I collected the girls for a bit until it became too hard to jump through the hoops to get the ones I really that point I decided I could do without them. I mostly collected the 16" crowd at that point anyway, but there was always something about  the Homme's that drew me in. Eventually I ended up caving and bringing one home. My thought was, I'll just collect one each of the male sculpts. They can hang out with my Barbie girls. I've been pretty good at sticking to that philosophy until 2013 and the introduction of Ace McFly.

When I saw the first pictures of this guy from the convention, I knew I was probably in trouble with my one per sculpt rule. I was able to find him on ebay and bring him home.............and then I found out this sculpt was also used in the Jem and the Holograms line for Riot Llewelyn. 
The search was on to bring him home too........luckily Riot was a little easier to come by than Ace. I found his hair to be a little unruly, so even though I am definitely no hair dresser, I did attempt a bit of a hair cut on mine, and I'm much happier with him now.
At the 2014 Integrity convention, Ace McFly once again made an appearance. This time in a  blonde version with side glancing blue eyes. Yes, he did have to come live with me as well. I wonder if Riot v. 2 will come next? Or will it be Ace again at the 2015 Integrity convention?
Whatever the name, I imagine I will find myself in the hunt for the next incarnation of Ace/Riot,  Fred/George, whatever they might decided to call him next. Sure would be nice as a collector to be able to search for a favorite sculpt under just one name though.

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