Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Poppy and Darla

 I've loved Poppy Parker's sculpt since she first came out, but kept telling myself I wasn't "going there" with the 12" size again, so I resisted.........and resisted.............and resisted..................until just recently, LOL!
 I have been enjoying my 12" size girls again, so I started browsing different doll sites hoping to find a Poppy in stock at a price I could afford. I lucked upon a dealer selling the set of Youthquake Poppy and Twist and Shout Darla, so hit the "buy" button.
I was actually quite surprised that I loved photographing Darla almost more than Poppy. I think if I relax Poppy's hair a bit it will help. She just looks so "aloof". I do love her sculpt though. I'll definetely be keeping my eye out to add more of these 2 to my collection.


  1. Oh they are Gorgeous!! I Love this Darla!!

    Beautiful photos, Jackie!! You make me want to take out my 12" girls again!!

    Happy Thanksgiving, dear one!

    gerri XXXOOO

  2. Thanks so much Gerri! I haven't played with my 12" crowd for YEARS, but I was in a place where I just needed something different and these girls have really fit the bill. I was really surprised how much I love this Darla as well. I fully expected to like Poppy much better and Darla came along because in this case she was a part of a package deal, LOL!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours too Gerri! Hope you have a wonderful day!