Monday, November 21, 2011

Dolls of the World............

 I was in TRU the other day looking for Toralei, one of the new Monster High luck on Toralei, but I saw these 2 dolls (Japanese Barbie and Ken) and was immediately drawn to them. It's funny because when I first decided to collect dolls as an adult the Dolls of the World collection was one of the first series I started with. Unfortunately I sold those early dolls off as I got into Tonner and the 16" crowd. Anyway, I love male dolls and this Ken just really caught my eye. I believe he is the first Ken to be issued in the Dolls of the World collection.
 Then I saw Barbie and immediately envisioned photographing them together, so she went in the cart too. I wish they were articulated, but they certainly make a striking pair, don't you think?
Barbie's shoes are killer, and she has an amazing outfit as well. He looks so fierce......both very exotic. Mattel did a good job with these 2 IMHO.


  1. Wow, love the pics of these two. They were two of my favorite buys this past year.

  2. Thanks so much Rosemary! They are gorgeous dolls, and they photograph beautifully IMHO.

  3. They are a fabulous pair! XO