Thursday, January 28, 2010


Just a couple of shots of my newest "new" Tyler. First let me just say, I really, really LOVE this sculpt. I just don't see her as "Tyler" in my dolly world. I would love for Tonner to keep her in the line and call her Taylor or something different than Tyler. I bought this girl when Cherished Friends was having one of their fabulous sales, as I had always admired this girl, just didn't want to pay full price. She's wonderful! Fabulous factory makeup. One of those that I have no desire to send out for a repaint. Shown here wearing Brenda's Sizzling Sensation, or part of it anyway, is Private Affair Tyler.


  1. I Love this Tyler and was so tempted to get her as well. She is Beautiful, Jackie!
    Love her in the red!
    Such lovely photos of her too.
    Aquabluerose XX