Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lara "Dreams of Tomorrow"

I've loved the Lara Croft sculpt since I first saw her, but consistently was able to talk myself out of her (didn't want a new size doll to buy clothing for, didn't like her flat feet etc.)............then Tonner starts using the body in different lines with high heel feet. Temptation took a big swing at me again with the Deanna line, especially when he introduced Peggy's sculpt. (I'm sure one of her will have to come live here eventually as well). The last nail in my coffin was the introduction of this peignor set into the Deanna line up. I have a thing for the Tonner peignor sets. I believe I own all of them to date that he has made for Tyler. I loved this one when I first saw it and knew I was going to have to cave on a doll to wear it eventually. I bought Deanna Bordeaux because I loved her outfit mainly and I found her on sale..................I had a problem though, her hair was too high to fit on my "peignor girls" shelf. I was going to buy Peggy, but then I was browsing the Tonner direct site late last week (because I had that $15 off coupon, LOL) and realized the first Lara Croft was on sale. I bought her. She arrived today, I popped her bottom half off and switched with Deanna, sold Deanna, and Lara becomes my first full figured woman in the group. I have to say I love the body (besides the fact she can't sit like a lady). Really love her in this peignor set too and just thought I'd share. You can find additional pics of her in my PT album linked on the side. Just look in the "What's New" album.

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