Sunday, December 11, 2011


 I've been searching for this guy since my interest in Barbie has renewed again, but he is getting really hard to find. I finally came across a nude one last week on ebay and hit the buy button to bring him home. He is a wonderful likeness to Johnny Depp IMHO.
If he were easier to find I would get another. Love that Mattel used the articulated body, like Harley Ken's. I really wish they would have used that on Japan Ken as well. I love the articulated body.

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  1. They did a good job with the face sculpt on this one - you almost expect him to give that sly little grin Jack Sparrow made famous.

    Keep searching, Jackie, I think you'll find another for a decent price. Come the next doll conventions, there will ALWAYS be someone needing quick cash for the latest and greatest. That's how I built up most of MY collection.