Saturday, October 1, 2011

Off Topic..............

I started this blog as a place to showcase my vinyl dolls, as I have a LJ (Resin Residents linked here) that I showcase my resin dolls. Since this girl is fashion doll related, I thought I would post her here as well.
She is Jamieshow Sasha, from AngelicDreamz............I have TY, one of the Jamieshow male dolls and love him, and I had been keeping my eye on the new released, hoping to get one of the girls eventually. When AD released the St Tropez line I knew I wanted one of them, making the decision of which one was the tricky part. I finally decided on Sasha and she arrived yesterday. She's gorgeous...................the resin is beautiful. She comes fully blushed. Her posing ability is wonderful. She comes with a magnetic wig, but also has a headcap so that she can wear regular wigs. If you are looking for a way to try out the resin fashion dolls, Jamieshow is a GREAT way to get started. I don't think you will find more value for your dolly dollars anywhere.
One last shot of Sasha. The outfit she is wearing here is what she comes in, with the exception of the wig, which was an extra purchase.

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  1. Hi Jackie,

    Seeing your posts yesterday reminded me to post. I still love my vinyl dolls so much and haven't been able to part with most of though I love my Sybarites. I have so much fun with my Sydneys, Tylers, etc..there is really nothing like them.

    Love your photos of Sasha. You make her look beautiful!