Saturday, June 26, 2010


Just one picture today of my gorgeous Mei Li repaint by Jenise Mah of the DOllsalon. Ciara is a doll I got on a trade quite a few years ago. She's mom to my Kish Zsu Zse, so she rarely gets her photo taken by herself anymore. Since I took one of her this past week, thought I'd share it here.


  1. Omg, she is Gorgeous, Jackie!!!
    Jenise does such Amazing repaints!
    I wish I had been able to have at least one by her.
    Gorgeous photo, Jackie!!

  2. Thanks so much Gerri! I do feel lucky to have a few of Jenise's girls in my collection. Maybe you will be able to find the perfect Jenise girl to fit your group at some point. There have been lots of gorgeous repaints on the secondary market recently it seems.