Monday, June 21, 2010


My brunette Cami arrived a couple of weeks ago, and I figured it was time I finally took some pics of this lovely lady. I choose the brunette, as I already have the Cinderella sculpt in red and blonde versions. I'm determined to be choosy with the girls on the Antoinette body, as I'm just running out of room. I do love this sculpt on the Antoinette body.
I have to admit I"m a bit disappointed that the platinum version also has this hairstyle. While I like it ok for one doll, I don't want anymore with this hairstyle. There is just too much hair for me. I would have much preferred wigged versions of Cami and Jon for version 2. Of course, my pocketbook is much happier......................will wait to see what fall brings for Cami and Jon to add another doll.

I do love these girls in lingerie and am very happy Tonner is offering basic dolls with separate outfits! I"m really excited to get some of the separate outfits I ordered.

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  1. She is absolutely gorgeous, love your photos! You have a great blog, so I awarded you the lovely blog award.
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