Saturday, October 16, 2010

In an Ello frame of mind........

Ello has been sitting on my dresser for weeks dressed in "I Couldn't Care Less". She looks so cute wearing this outfit I decided she deserved to come down for some pictures today. I only have one Ellowyne, but I really, really love the one I have.
She will be getting a sister soon. I have to admit to caving on the Modern Doll Ello. That outfit and pale skintone won me over. It will be nice to have a raven as well as a blonde. I guess a redhead will be next, and then I"ll have a haircolor for every outfit,LOL!

And lastly, a shot of the adorable PJ's under that amazing robe. Ellowyne really does have the most amazing clothes. I think I like her wardrobe better than any other Tonner line (although I have high hopes for Antoinette/Cami/Jon.

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