Monday, February 15, 2010

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...........

I decided I might as well enjoy the snow a bit since I didn' t have a choice, LOL! Took my favorite MA doll, an Amanda Fairchild that I scalped and made into a wig doll, out to enjoy the weather..............
Well, ENJOY may be a bit of a stretch...........but I do love this outfit and it's perfect for this weather. She's standing on my front porch, which is covered by the way. Makes quite the pretty backdrop I thought.

I'm SOOOO tired of snow at this point. I just wish it would quit already. It has been snowing here since about 3am this morning, non stop. There are about 7-8" on the ground and it's just supposed to continue through the night into tomorrow. Luckily I was off work today, guess I may be using another vacation day tomorrow. The interstates look dreadful. They are reporting on the news this is the most snowfall in our area's history EVER for the month of February, and the month is only half over. Oh well, I"ll stop complaining. It could be I know West Va., DC, and norther VA, PA have gotten much worse.

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